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Discover How to Make Clinical Image Management Fast and Easy

Phoenix Ortho’s PACS solution is an integral part of our EHR that saves you time and mouse clicks!

Image management is a core part of any orthopedic clinic. From x-rays to MRIs and ultrasounds, orthopedic images are vital records that help orthopedists demonstrate the necessity and efficacy of their treatment regimens to both patients and their insurance companies.

This is why Phoenix Ortho includes an integral Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solution in its EHR software suite. Our PACS solution helps to streamline your clinical image workflow by using a DICOM-compliant worklist server to send image orders directly to the digital imaging console and stores those images in the patient chart where they’re easy to find.

Benefits of PACS solution

What Does Phoenix Ortho’s PACS Solution Do?

Phoenix Ortho PACS is designed to eliminate the need to sift through excessive menus and system log-ins to save you time on image management—helping you see more patients instead of wasting time on an excessively complicated clinical image workflow!

Want to discover how our image management solution can help you save time and money on your orthopedic image workflow? Download the Phoenix Ortho PACS sheet by filling out the form on this page!

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