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An efficient and simple way of overseeing patient check-in.

Fill-in forms are old-fashioned and impede the orthopedic process.

With Phoenix Kiosk, your practice can reduce headaches and paperwork—saving both time and money while improving the speed and satisfaction of patient check-in times.

kiosk LP screenshots demographics

Demographic Entry/Modification

Gone is the need for printing and shredding patient intake forms. Phoenix Kiosk allows for complete new patient registration and easily updates registration for returning patients from a tablet computer.

kiosk LP screenshots patient history-2

Health Histories

General health and orthopedic-specific histories are also gathered with Phoenix Kiosk. And since the application is a Phoenix Ortho product, the data is instantly added to the patient’s record with data elements linked to E & M coding. By the time the patient reaches the exam room all pertinent histories are viewable to the provider without the need for any manual entry or troublesome interfaces.

CMS financial screenshot-1

Financial Streamlining

Phoenix Ortho, in a partnership with CMS (Complete Merchant Solutions), allows patients to pay copays, outstanding balances, or payment plan installments directly from Phoenix Kiosk. Credit card processing occurs in real-time and, since Phoenix Kiosk is directly connected with the Phoenix Ortho suite of products, there is no need for staff intervention. All balances are updated instantaneously. (Available with Phoenix Ortho PM)

kiosk LP screenshots financial policy Abe

Smart Forms

Practice-defined custom documents (Privacy Notice, Financial Policy, Harris Hip Score, etc.) can be associated with Phoenix Kiosk as well— including demographic, financial, and/or clinical information! The advanced, practice-driven rules engine allows for “automatic” forms association to individual patients based on elapsed time and/or specific physicians. These forms support clinical data elements as well as patient signature capture for financial or privacy policies. All data and signatures are instantly available and viewable within the patient chart.


Phoenix Kiosk Dashboard (NEW!)

A clear status overview of each patient’s check-in progress: co-pays, insurance, and a check-in timer that provides alerts if a patient needs help… all so your staff can better manage how to get patients back to the exam room faster!