Download Phoenix Ortho's Orthopedic EHR Software Brochure

Why Orthopedic EHR Software? 

We believe the needs of orthopedic physicians are unique; we started Phoenix Ortho to address these needs. Across the nation, orthopedic physicians were struggling to document their patient encounters utilizing defocused, multi-specialty EHR products

In the absence of Phoenix Ortho, that problem still exists. It is the dedicated focus on the needs of orthopedic physicians that inspires and drives our software development, enabling our physicians to efficiently manage their patient encounters.

Here are a few of our features you'll see outlined in the brochure:

  • Comprehensive Suite of Orthopaedic-Exclusive Software
  • Orthopedic-exclusive Content
  • Adaptive Learning/ Predictive Computing

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See What Phoenix Ortho Can Do for Your Orthopedic Clinic!

"After looking at several systems and evaluating where we are today, I do believe our choice to go with Phoenix Ortho was the best decision and would do it again in a heartbeat. We did evaluate document management programs and true EMR programs before we made our decision. With Phoenix, we were able to get a complete orthopedic database as well as built-in orthopedic flow from the very beginning. The flexibility allowed us to go completely chartless in 7 months. We have transformed the space that was used as our chart storage area into 6 more exam rooms."

- Kalen Privatsky, Proliane Orthopedic Associates