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What Does the One-on-One Meeting Cover?

The initial one-on-one meeting will be to discuss what your orthopedic practice’s exact needs are. Here, we’ll answer whatever EHR-related questions you have to the best of our ability. Following this one-on-one session, we can also hold an EHR demo that will showcase how the Phoenix Ortho orthopedic EHR software suite can meet those needs.

Your demonstration will be personalized to best fit your needs, but will likely include:

  • An overview of our comprehensive, orthopedic-specific EHR suite
  • X-ray and MRI management in our integrated picture archiving and communications system (PACS) solution
  • Patient portals and patient check-in kiosks in our EHR
  • Outcomes reporting capabilities
  • Features for clinical data analytics
  • Our integrated practice management (PM) solution

Take a Look at Our  EHR Software Suite


Patient Intake Solution

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Take Audio Recordings

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Sort by Body Region


Easy Code Management


Manage X-Rays and Images

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Why Try Phoenix Ortho’s EHR System?

Our EHR software was built with orthopedic practices in mind — and only orthopedic practices. Unlike other EHR systems that force you to sort through mountains of irrelevant forms, Phoenix Ortho EHR only presents the forms and reports that matter to orthopedic specialists.

This helps you save time and effort before, during, and after patient visits so you can reclaim your day and live your life.

Get the facts from one of our EHR software specialists today!

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution is tailor-made to meet the needs of orthopedic clinics in a convenient, effective, and efficient way that saves time and headaches. You can sign up for a one-on-one meeting to talk about our software by filling out the form on this page.

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