Phoenix InTeleMed

Conduct Remote Visits | Telemedicine Add-On

Help more patients, improve collections, and save time with Phoenix Ortho EHR and Phoenix InTeleMed.

Medical care is a necessity—even during a quarantine. However, in-person visits create infection risks for patients and doctors.

Orthopedic clinics are no exception.

To help your clinic continue to help patients, Our team is proud to announce the launch of Phoenix InTeleMed, which comes with the Phoenix Ortho EHR Software Suite at no additional cost! 

Save Time. Increase Patient Satisfaction. See More Patients. Use Phoenix InTeleMed and Our EHR.

Phoenix InTeleMed screenshot Start Video Call

With Phoenix InTeleMed, you can have virtual visits with patients over the phone—which allows them to stay at home and reduce their exposure risks.

Phoenix InTeleMed screenshot Quick launch Xray and Diagnostic Search

Phoenix Ortho’s telemedicine solution helps you to:

  • Connect with Patients. Streamline the connection to the patient via simple phone calls.
  • Document Patient Encounters. Collect vital information efficiently and generate timed codes. Phoenix InTeleMed integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix Ortho EHR software for maximum efficiency!
  • Simplify Collections. Our telemedicine solution includes a timer to support time-based visit codes. At a set time, selected charges will be sent directly to the charge ticket.
  • Optional Telemed Video with Backline, Powered by DrFirst. Doctors can initiate text and video chat sessions to follow-up with their patients as needed. (Backline, Powered by DrFirst, is available for a low annual cost per user but is completely optional.)

What can Phoenix InTeleMed do for your orthopedic clinic?

  • Save time on processing paperwork.
  • Eliminate patient intake bottlenecks.
  • Increase collections with built-in billing systems.
  • Provide video remote visits with the optional Backline solution, powered by DrFirst.