Experience the power of Phoenix Ortho in the browser and on the iPad: Phoenix Go

In the office or out: access, modify, and create patient records with an all new web-based interface or iPad app.

Start accessing your Phoenix Ortho software on the go with Phoenix Go!

Phoenix Go adds more speed and convenience to your orthopedic practice since you can access important documentation from wherever you have internet access.

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Phoenix Go Walkthrough

Phoenix Go Backline Video Call

Backline Video Call

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PT Board 1

PT Board

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Phoenix Go Includes:



Provide remote services via the integration between Phoenix InTeleMed and Phoenix Go.


Patient Encounters

Review important documentation for patient visits on the go using a web-browser or the iPad app.


Physical Therapy

Simplify your physical therapy visits and documentation with a mobile, browser-based solution!


Browser-Based Imaging

Manage you medical x-rays and other important orthopedic images from you iPad or laptop device on the go.

Phoenix Go: Your Solution for Convenience, Speed, and Accessibility

Make managing your orthopedic practice easier and faster with remote access to your most important documents. MVVM data-binding tech and our JavaScript tools allow for real-time data access to ensure you're always up to date when you're on the move!

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