Live Customer Training

Live Interactive customer training sessions from Phoenix Ortho cover a broad range of topics. Each session is designed to last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with included time at the end of the presentation for question and answer sessions. Register for upcoming trainings below. 

Version Release Review

June 18, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


Newest Release is ready for all accounts with no additional fees.  We will show you how to maximize the efficiency of your workflow. Take advantage of this live demonstration on the newest features available to all users and at no additional cost: DME Inventory and Kiosk Health History Capture and more. These are provided to all accounts with active monthly support. We are excited to demonstrate the new or enhanced items in the latest version.

Fax: Electronic Incoming and Outgoing Fax Process

June 25, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


What you will learn: New Features for Incoming Fax Management, Outbound Auto Fax from Document with single click, Renaming Incoming Fax and many more. Not using Phoenix Ortho Internal Fax Solution yet? You are missing out!  Join us for demonstration and tips.

Kiosk Workflow and Demo - Replaces OMR

June 26, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


Did you read or hear that OMR is sunsetting in June 2019? Phoenix Ortho Kiosk has been in use with Phoenix Ortho EHR since 4th Q 21017. Kiosk is the newest technology for patient registration, updating history, med list, etc. We are pleased to show you how this works.

WebDocs FAQ - Real Cases with Real Solutions

June 27, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


WebDocs replaced Word Documents in 2017. If you are not getting the right information to appear, have trouble generating a new template, have formatting questions, or are new to WebDocs and don't even know where to start, this is for you. Register now!

Tasks and Tasking: Quick Tasking and Auto Tasking: Make it work for you! Part 1 of 2

July 1, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


This is the first part of the series to enhance the efficiency of Tasks and Tasking. Part 1 demonstrates how Tasks work for you. Successful tips for efficiency and accuracy.

Tasks and Tasking: Task Management keeps you organized - Part 1 of 2

July 2, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


Part 2 in this series: Did you know you can view all the tasks for an individual patient? More Tips for Success. Includes Do's and Don'ts!!

PT and OT Initial Evaluation

July 9, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


One of three parts focused on the Phoenix Ortho PT and OT Exam and Daily Visit Workflow. Whether you are using this module now, or just want to see how it works, sign up now.  The first part will demonstrate how to complete the Initial Exam, save preferences, and add charges to the visit.

PT and OT Daily Treatment Visits

July 10, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


Second of three parts focused on the Phoenix Ortho PT and OT Visit Workflow. Daily visits are easily performed with documentation on Tabs or Sheets for services provided. These can be brought forward each visit or saved as preferences. Daily services are easily added to the charge ticket.

PT and OT Admin and File Maintenance: the Back Bones of the Application

July 11, 2019 -  12:00 pm CST


The final of three parts focused on the Phoenix Ortho PT and OT module, but definitely not the last step. Fundamentals of personalizing the PT and OT module for your provider's preferences. Make the PT OT Module work for you!  Join us to see what it takes to make the background enhance the performance of the documentation.

Past Webinar Recordings:  Visit the Phoenix Ortho help page - at - to view a full list of our previous webinar recordings. This archive includes step-by-step videos, as well as accompanying notes. Ask your administrator for your clinic’s shared login credentials.  Once logged in to your account, look under “New Clinic On-Boarding” and then “Learning Library.” If you have trouble logging in, follow the instructions listed under “Not Seeing An Article?

Our Implementation Specialists and Presenters:

Pam B format.png
Liz M format 2.png

Pam Bilinski 
Team Leader

Liz Meitner
CMS QPP-MIPS Specialist 

Anna N format.png
Gina Delmont format

Anna Nyegaard Implementation Specialist 

Gina M. Delmont 
In Memoriam 

Implementation Specialists are central members of our Customer Support Team and they are available to help you in any way possible in your use of Phoenix Ortho. Additional training from Phoenix Ortho Support is also available upon request: Simply contact the Support Team. 



Support is available Monday through Friday, 7a.m. – 7p.m. CST by calling (800) 843-8179 and selecting Option 3 at the automated prompt. Support staff can also be reached by email at and by chat at